Saturday, January 28, 2012


Life is good in Haiti!  The roads are crazy, the weather is mild at the moment, and we are continuing to get adjusted.  Life Point Community Church from our home county in TN was here this week.  They have been serving in tent camps, teaching a discipleship seminar at Penier Baptist Church, and enjoying the sights and sounds of Haiti.  Matt has spent most of his week transporting them and learning the logistics of traffic, island time, and the best places to grab a bite to eat. Needless to say, his driving skills are taking off.  He has also been able to put his mechanical skills to work on one of our trucks.  Let’s hope he knew what he was doing…..:-)  We went to church on Sunday at Penier First Baptist and here is a pic from Willow's first Sunday in Haiti...

This week we were able to attend our first English classes at Karade tent camp.  Chadasha teaches these English classes on a weekly basis, so it was good to get used to yet another aspect of the ministry we are about to be overseeing.  I wasn’t able to personally teach, but we sent our staff and they very much enjoyed themselves.  Willow and I found ourselves surrounded by kiddos wanting to hold “piti tou” (your baby).  It was so fun to see their faces light up and Willow squeal with happiness and wonder as all the children gathered around.
Willow and myself being welcomed. :-)

  As a group, Chadasha has been able to make connections with many individuals at the tent camps that we pray will allow us to share Jesus more effectively.   Already, Sara, one of Chadasha’s staff was able to share with a woman and lead her to Christ.  We praise God for this life and another soul who knows hope!!!
During the same visit, I had the blessing of meeting with a mother whose two year old son had an accidental boiling water burn.  He recieved skin grafts after being found by Chadasha's staff.  His burns are healing wonderfully, but bless his soul, he is terrified of us "blan" or whites. :-)  In the last two weeks, the mother gave birth to her 5th son.  She had him on the road on the way to the hospital, so she didn't have any newborn or postpartum care.  I got to check the baby out and learn about some new traditions while checking the older boy's burns.  Such a fun day to connect with her and meet some new little ones.  We will go back soon to do a recheck.  In the meantime, please pray for her and her little family.
Checking mom and the two year old, Bethel.

I was also able to visit the beach property for the first time this week.  Walking onto that piece of land, feeling the sand and rocks beneath my feet, and knowing that we were meant to be here at this time, was a peace I can’t describe.  I truly felt like I was coming home.   The land was more beautiful than I had imagined.  I think my favorite aspect was the road leading up to the land.  It was amazing to see the banana trees covering everything and imagining walking up and down saying, “Bonjou” to those we pass.  I know this sounds like the glamorous side of learning a new culture, almost like a dream. There are so many unglamorous things we have to contend with, and they will surely come in their time. But for now, I am choosing to rest in the joy of the possibilities that peace can bring.   On that note, I feel challenged to ponder and give thanks…
Us standing on the beach property (facing the mountains), aka, our new home towards the end of the summer...
Willow's first dip in the Carribean Sea, or any sea for that matter...!

The sun always sets in the West, and we happen to have quite the view to look forward to.

Things I am grateful for today…
·         My baby girl….though she is having a very hard time falling asleep at the moment
·         My wonderful room at the guesthouse in beautiful Haiti
·         Wonderful, sustaining food on the table every day
·         Laughter when tears seem most appropriate and the only thing left
·         Lanny,Naomi, Claudine, and Clariane who are always giving of their time and fix the most wonderful food to keep us going
·         A group of women to grow and change with
·         Beth Moore’s James’ study that is helping us grow and change
·         Clean water, clean clothes, clean sheets
·          A loving amazing husband who is patient when I feel energy deprived
·         And cheese….I know that seems goofy, but I really like cheese and crackers, and I found some last week, and it makes me a happy girl…
 Until next time...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

We made it!

We are here!!!!
We officially made it to Haiti and we are having a wonderful time! All of our luggage arrived safeand sound without incident (after an hour and 20 minutes of baggage claim rodeo). 
Finally leaving baggage claim with all of our stuff
Finally finding the Roberts who came to pick us up!
 Upon arriving at our house we were greeted warmly by 15 screaming friends, who even made a welcome banner for us.
Ezekial holding  the banner.

Willow is adjusting really well and loves all the kids.  It is so fun to watch her interact with everyone.  I learn more about God and the joy He gives every time I see her face light up in response to seeing another one of God’s beautiful children.  Needless to say, she is making friends fast.

We spent the Tuesday in Thomazeau seeing Ashley.  She is doing wonderful and remembered us immediately.  She can speak some English, but the little Creole that started to come back to me allowed me to speak to her as well.  I pointed to Willow and said “ Li se ou se” which means “She is your sister."  Ashley looked at me with a huge grin and said “wi” which means yes in Creole.  She was beautiful, happy and so content with us there. She fell asleep on my chest.  It was a wonderful gift.  She was a little jealous when I tried to hold Willow too. Typical first child syndrome and is to be expected.  We plan to go back out soon and spend  some time with her.  
 Willow is ready for her Haitian License too!
On the way home yesterday, Matt drove for the first time in Haiti.  He did a wonderful job and fit right in to Haitian life on the road.  Our friends and translators Kessy and Daniel informed Matt that he drove so well, he no longer needed a driver, only a translator from now on.
Daniel Matt's driving instructor and our resident

chicken catcher (more on that later)
This morning we met with the leadership of a school in a nearby tent camp to determine their needs. Please pray with us this week that God will meet the needs of the children unable to attend school by providing books, and teacher salaries. In the tent camp, 5 minutes from our house, more than half of the children present are unable to attend school due to a lack of resources.