Thursday, January 19, 2012

We made it!

We are here!!!!
We officially made it to Haiti and we are having a wonderful time! All of our luggage arrived safeand sound without incident (after an hour and 20 minutes of baggage claim rodeo). 
Finally leaving baggage claim with all of our stuff
Finally finding the Roberts who came to pick us up!
 Upon arriving at our house we were greeted warmly by 15 screaming friends, who even made a welcome banner for us.
Ezekial holding  the banner.

Willow is adjusting really well and loves all the kids.  It is so fun to watch her interact with everyone.  I learn more about God and the joy He gives every time I see her face light up in response to seeing another one of God’s beautiful children.  Needless to say, she is making friends fast.

We spent the Tuesday in Thomazeau seeing Ashley.  She is doing wonderful and remembered us immediately.  She can speak some English, but the little Creole that started to come back to me allowed me to speak to her as well.  I pointed to Willow and said “ Li se ou se” which means “She is your sister."  Ashley looked at me with a huge grin and said “wi” which means yes in Creole.  She was beautiful, happy and so content with us there. She fell asleep on my chest.  It was a wonderful gift.  She was a little jealous when I tried to hold Willow too. Typical first child syndrome and is to be expected.  We plan to go back out soon and spend  some time with her.  
 Willow is ready for her Haitian License too!
On the way home yesterday, Matt drove for the first time in Haiti.  He did a wonderful job and fit right in to Haitian life on the road.  Our friends and translators Kessy and Daniel informed Matt that he drove so well, he no longer needed a driver, only a translator from now on.
Daniel Matt's driving instructor and our resident

chicken catcher (more on that later)
This morning we met with the leadership of a school in a nearby tent camp to determine their needs. Please pray with us this week that God will meet the needs of the children unable to attend school by providing books, and teacher salaries. In the tent camp, 5 minutes from our house, more than half of the children present are unable to attend school due to a lack of resources.