Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blown Away

    Before we left for the Caribbean, I was blessed with the opportunity to share about our journey to Haiti countless times.  Each and every time I told people that I didn’t really want to move to Haiti, because of the heat, food, cultural differences, etc.  I told everyone that I was stepping out of my comfort zone to serve my God.
   I couldn’t have been more wrong, I can honestly say that our time on the ground has taught me something.  I am surrounded by believers whose faith is so strong, that it has driven me to cry out for forgiveness.

Madam Menden and her family
     She and her husband have 6 children.  They don’t  know where 4 of them are, and the other two are severely disabled. They live in a plywood house that measures 12’x12’. They have 1 twin bed.  We went to pray with them. They asked us to pray for God to strengthen their faith, and to remind them that without Him they have nothing. I was speechless. Did they want to pray for food, clothing, things of this world? No. They wanted to strengthen their walk.  The poorest of the poor were asking for a renewed faith in Christ, and not for anything of this world. I want faith like that!
A row of newly constructed home in the tent city of Canaan.

Madam Menden and 2 of her children.

Our Haitian staff
    After walking the streets of their community and seeing a need these dudes feel led to help their neighbors.  The guys have committed to donating 15% of their monthly earnings to help support a paralyzed woman in their neighborhood. All of these guys are hungry for the Word, and are making big commitments to help those around them because of their faith in a merciful loving Creator.  I want to be Generous like that!

Zeke, Steve, and Daniel delivering a wheel chair and food to a  paralyzed woman in their town.

Men of Karade Tent Camp
    We hold an English class twice a week at tent camp that is practically in our backyard.  At the end of each class, we present the gospel and pray with everyone.After a few weeks of meeting, the men have decided that while they do want to learn English, they want to learn the Bible even more. So we have started a class for them where we only study the bible. During the first meeting on Wednesday, they had so many questions and are so hungry for the Gospel that we only made it through 4 verses beginning in Genesis during 2 hours of class time. We meet inside of an old bus that has been converted into a classroom that meets from 3-5pm. It is impossible to describe how warm the air that bus is at that time of day. Yet, still they come, even running to class when we arrive.  I want to be hungry for knowledge of the Bible like that!
The school house where we hold English classes
The Classroom
John Fitts and the Mens English Class

Our Home
   So, I have changed my mind. I do want to live in Haiti. The trivial things of this life that seemed so important to me before we landed here (the temp, food, culture) are nothing. Because most of all I want to strengthen my Faith, and love for people. I want to share the love my God has shown for me with everyone, even if it means that I am hot, dirty, and in a far off land.  The Haitian people have humbled me in so many ways that I would never be able to share them all. When you think that life is hard, or that you are giving something up, remember these faces. They are the poorest of the poor and they are giving their all to Christ, with an insatiable hunger that has inspired me.  I am blessed to call this hot and dusty island HOME.

Sarah, Willow and I on a mini-adventure...