Thursday, February 16, 2012

I will be the most patient person in the world...Eventually

I am in training to be the MOST PATIENT PERSON ON THE PLANET!  On more than one occasion,  my wife has told me that I could stand to be a little more patient. Until today,  I never agreed with her. I hate to admit this but... it is likely that the at the Almighty One is on the same page as my wife. I'd like to replay this afternoon's events in an effort to illustrate this afternoon.

This morning I was asked to pick up Greg & Michelle Roberts at the Dominican border. I asked Uncle Kessy (one of our fabulous interpreters) to join me for the ride.
Uncle Kessy and Willow at the Guest House

Kessy and I left the house at 2:15 to make the 22 mile trip. In good traffic this usually takes approximately an  hour and 15 minutes. This trip can easily take 2+ hours when traffic is heavy.   First lesson in patience: a 22 mile trip takes will take at least an hour or two...which is frustrating to me.

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En route to the border, we approach a Haiti Police station that lies within a mile of the border. Ninety percent of the time the police at this station are inside or sitting under a tree avoiding the heat.

Today, they decide to stop Kessy and I. The policemen decided to stop us and take our papers with my license. After careful review of the documents, the police proceed to inform me that we could not continue to the border with the documents we had.  After 20 minutes of negotiating for the return of our vehicle documents, Mr. Cop  and I agreed to disagree. This translated into me not driving any farther, and Mr. Cop not getting what he wanted. 
The check point we were banned from crossing.

Kessy and I were forced to wait… for 2 hours at the checkpoint.  Finally, we heard from Greg that he secured a ride across the border and planned to meet us at the checkpoint which the police prevented me from passing. While we waited patiently,  Kessy & I had a blast trying to hitchhike with truckers & Tap taps, speculate about the illegal items which might be on board cargo trucks, and  people-watch random pedestrians.
Haitian TapTap= a brightly colored taxi that will carry all your friends and your junk.
Meanwhile my patience is tried again and again. Every few minutes, a motorcycle taxi stops and tries to convince me into paying them for a ride to the border. This didn't help my situation, and would have pleased Mr. Cop, which caused me to want to hire them even less.

Please pick me up. The Po Po don't like my car, so can I ride in yours?

Eventually, Greg and Michelle arrived and we headed home.Within minutes, we came upon a huge traffic jam.  The follow video sufficiently surmises our sentiments.
Eventually, we made it home and were greeted warmly by everyone at the guest house. In retrospect, I had fun bonding with Kessy at the Police checkpoint. I learned more about dealing with the Police, and I observed how they decide to stop specific vehicles and allow others to pass randomly without question.

Every day, usually multiple times a day, my Patience button is smashed. I am learning to step back, take a deep breath, and roll with it. These impatient moments are teaching me. LIFE isn't about Matt Rideout. LIFE is not ever going to operate on my schedule, regardless of how hard I try to force the issue.

Would I be a happier person if I grasped this concept and  embraced it?

I believe the answer is Yes. I believe there are many aspects of my life that would benefit if I could truly embrace and evoke patience. My faith will grow, my marriage will improve, and I will be a more effective leader. Tonight, I am committed to praying for patience for myself and those whom I interact with and I challenge you to do the same.