Saturday, February 11, 2012

Typical Tuesday

This blog is a little late! Sorry guys! We have had bad internet this week, so my pictures would not upload.  But we are back in the saddle, at least for the moment.  This was actually written on Tuesday, so review below and the update from the last few days is at the bottom:

What a crazy day this has been!  I am aware that this phrase comes out of my mouth more days than not, but I am learning that crazy usual equals God working. All of the heart patients for ICHF arrive today for a short stay at the guesthouse and will then go to Santiago next week for surgery.  What an honor it has been to welcome them in and get to know them. I have spent the morning hanging out with Kinsi and Guyito getting to know them, and it has been fun to play and learn from them this morning. 

Spending the morning at King's Hospital getting blood work done.

Matt  spent the morning looking for chicken and trying to get gas. It took him 4 hours to find a gas station that had gas… it was ridiculous!  The chicken, well, if this tells you anything, we aren’t having chicken for dinner anymore, we are having spaghetti….that's because we never found chicken today.  Oh what a day!  ;-) We are gladly taking the manna God provides, and today that is spaghetti.  I’m thankful for a computer so I can keep in touch, so as long as we have something to eat, and even if we don’t, we will praise!  

On another subject, that adds to the craziness, the Terracon, one of our vehicles, was confiscated by the police last night.  No explanation was given as to why it was taken; it was just gone.  Then today, when Kensley  went to pick it up, the explanation was given that apparently, they assumed the vehicle had been used in a kidnapping.  Really?  Who knows if that was what actually happened, but either way, it made for a really funny story.   We have been teasing the boys left and right about kidnapping people last night.  I know that doesn’t sound funny, but after the day we have had, sometimes you just have to laugh.

Willow has had a great week! She is growing like crazy and has been standing up and holding on to things to walk around her pack and play for about two weeks now.  I can’t believe she is growing so fast!  We are so blessed and at home in Haiti. Thank you for your prayers and for you support.  We are at 35% of our monthly support goal. If you know of anyone who might be thinking about partnering or might be interested in what we are doing here, we would be very grateful.  We are certain God provides, so we are being obedient to let our needs be known.
Here is Willow lifting up in her pack and play. She is roaming and it is crazy to see!

Update from the week...
In the last few days, we have had quite a few unexpected happenings.  The day the heart patients arrived, one of our translators was explaining surgery to parents of one of the heart patients, Kinsey.  It arose in conversation that the mom and dad were practicing Jehovah's Witnesses.  This knowledge set a chain of events into place that ended with them deciding that they could not knowingly allow Kinsey to go through with the heart surgery since she would have to receive a transfusion.  What a brick wall!  None of us saw this coming, and it has weighed heavily on our hearts since.  I have so much to say about this subject, but I will leave it to the next post.  Please be in prayer for this family as we daily pray that the veil would be lifted from their eyes and that the truth of scripture would be revealed.  We are certain God has a plan and that He already knew what was happening, so we wait to see God's plan come to fruition and in the meantime, we do not lose heart.  Amen?  Amen. :-)