Monday, June 25, 2012

Tommy taught me something

It's been a jam packed week at Chadasha this week. We've had the pleasure of hosting two teams simultaneously. One team of 20 folks from Pennsylvania, and  8 crazy Cajuns from Lousianna. We spent the week visiting orphans, painting, picking up trash, and teaching English at Karadue. Most exciting for Sarah and I, we spent a whole day working at the Orphan Retreat Center property clearing brush, and picking up trash along the beach.  We had such a large team that we were able to also pick up litter for our neighbors along the beach and begin to build relationships with them.

The PA crew, these high school kids were awesome! 

The LA crew, somehow we never got a group shot!

Picking up trash along the beach

 We had a blast leading these teams, most of whom had never been to Haiti. We find joy in introducing terams to the country and people we love so dearly. The Haitian people have taught us so much about life, faith, and how to love others. They have helped us to re-define community. 

I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Tommy. While I only met him 7 days ago, he has inspired me! We haven't really had any in-depth conversations, actually we haven't really talked all that much. I know that he is 63 years old, has 5 or 6 grandsons and only one granddaughter who is the same age as Willow. He's retired, and that we both love to ride motorcycles.  However, more than that he is a servant, he has a servants heart. 

He came to Haiti to love on people, and to serve them. He worked just as hard as the 25 year old guys on the team. Not once, did I ever hear him complain about a thing. Not the heat, the work, the bugs, or the house full of 30 something young people. Mr. Tommy was always more than willing and ready to do whatever whenever.  We had to service the brakes on our flatbed one evening after dinner. Who was out there stomping on a lug wrench at 10:30pm? ...Mr. Tommy. 

He has been a tremendous encouragement to me, and a role model. When I am in my 60's I want to have a spirit like his. I want to respect people, love people, and most of all serve people like he has done this week. Mr.Tommy, thanks for helping me remember what life is all about!