Monday, October 29, 2012

Sarah and Hurricane Sandy

Sarah is feeling much, much better. Baby #2 is healthy and active. We are are so thankful for the encouragement and prayers lifted up by everyone. We had a few scary days, and we really felt the support everyone gave us. Sarah finished her last dosage of antibiotics today and will be returning to Haiti later this week.  I can't wait for both of them to back home!

They aren't accustomed to this cold weather!

Willow is loving time with the grandparents, and apparently had a blast at the church fall festivities.

Caramel Apple Love

I returned to Haiti just as Hurricane Sandy struck the island. We received massive amounts of rain, and heavy surf at the beach property. In our part of  Haiti we saw very little damage as compared to the southern region. In the south, there is significantly more damage. This afternoon, Greg and I attempted a trip to the DR to finish up a project. We were unable to make it... It appears that this river has changed course and is now flowing through town instead of in the riverbed.


The river crossing we decided not to attempt. Lots of spectators watching for carnage.

 At the Retreat Center property we lost a section of our sea wall, however we gained 3 feet of fresh sand on the beach!