Sunday, December 2, 2012

…And we pack one more suitcase.

Welcome to our life for the last 10 months. Living out of suitcases and packing and repacking every time we turn around has made for quite the chaos.  There is the usual excitement in that process that always comes with the anticipation of the trip.  However, the extra energy consumption and unpacking that also follow cannot be ignored.  Combine that with sickness x 3, pregnancy and a 17 month old that’s fast as lightning – wow, life is crazy right now!!  We are extremely excited anticipating the birth of our second (third in our hearts) baby girl, but have a lot to get done in preparation before April hits us.  First things first…a house!

A few neighbors came over to meet us.

God, in His perfect timing, has found us a rental house in Montrouis!!  We are very excited about moving and have been painting and repairing some things on the house before officially relocating. We picked out paint, hired a carpenter for cabinets, replaced toilet seats, etc.  . Matt was able to coordinate with Octolem, our trusty overseer at the land, to help with painting and oversight at the house until we move in.  

The Accemes starting things off right with fresh paint.

It took 67 gallons of paint to finish the job.

Kitchen cabinets built & installed completely by hand without the use of a single power tool. 

19 friendly neigbors helping move the generator.

We also were blessed to have a great Thanksgiving meal with our Haiti family.  I wasn’t able to consume anything because I ONCE AGAIN had a stomach issue…but everyone else thoroughly enjoyed my menu and Brittany’s cooking!  Brittany saved the day and showed her fiancé, Kessy, just how domestic she could be. Fun was had by all and we were able to get the Haitian staff to eat “blanc” food which doesn’t happen around here very often.  We were also able to serve our ladies who tirelessly feed us each day, so it felt wonderful to serve them in return.  I am extremely blessed to be feeling better.