Monday, January 14, 2013

Beach, Beach, Beach

The New Year has brought a flurry of activity. We have been blessed to host several groups at the Retreat Center already this year as well as incredible weather. What a blessing this place has been to us, fellow missionaries, pastors, and Haitian children.

Our first group came from Christian Fellowship Mission in Port. They brought 8 girls & a dozen or so staff. We were blessed to host their Baptism service. We are praying that this will be the first of many services!

We also were blessed to host a huge group from Canaan Christian Community. They are based in Montrouis, less than a mile from us. They live so close to the ocean, yet don't have beach access. We were excited to share our place with them. They brought 80+ kids, 20~ish pastors, and team from the States of approximately 20. It was amazing to hear so much laughter and joy in the air!

We've also been blessed to spend time together with just our family.  We've enjoyed spending evenings at the beach picking up shells with Willow. She absolutely loves the water and the plethora of unique shells and stones at the beach. The sunsets aren't so bad either...

Date night with my favorite ladies!

Josue came to visit for a few days to help me get things settled with our staff and meet with a few local pastors. What a blessing he has been to our family! We are sad to see him go, but proud that he is headed back to Port for his second semester of law school.
Josue @ the cliffs of lighthouse beach

Our prayer request for January is discernment. That we are able to share God's love in a new place as we seek to build relationships in our community. The needs are great, and we are small.