Friday, November 8, 2013

Family pic from vacation.

The "fall weather" has set in here in Haiti and we are all feeling slightly better with the relief.  We've been busy with life here and haven't checked in for awhile, so please excuse the break.  We took a family vacation with fellow missionary friends in our area and had a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying our girls.  Vacations are few and far between, and we returned feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next months of projects.

With the fall season and school year approaching, our groups coming to the beach have decreased in number, so we have been missing smiling faces and laughter, but we have been getting much needed projects done at the house and focusing on the next phases of building. One such project is a new water filtration system that will be installed soon to bring clean water to our area in a sustainable way, providing a job for a community member.  Having clean, potable water here is always in need, so we are incredibly thankful for this gift that our family, community, and future visitors to the retreat center will benefit from.

The beginning of concrete work on the new depot that will house the water filtration system.

Just this weekend, we attended the wedding of our friend, Paul, here in Montrouis.  Willow was a flower girl, dressed to the hilt, Haitian-wedding style, and cute as a button - (im a little bias.)  We were showered with a rain storm in the afternoon, and the clouds threatened more rain throughout the afternoon, but we stayed dry for the wedding and Paul is now a married man. :-)

My little princess in her wedding attire.  She was a mess!

So very thankful to God for all the many happenings, blessings, and lessons lately and there is more to come in posts in the next few days!  Love to everyone from Haiti!!