Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Summer Rush

Cool breezes and daily rainstorms have officially been replaced with stagnant air and high humidity...welcome to summer in Haiti!  After a busy few spring months,  June has proven to be the start to summer that we have begun to anticipate after 2 and 1/2 years here on the island. However, we couldn't be more thankful to be in our new home as we push through these summer months.  Thus far in June, we have hosted two teams and had two visits with board members, celebrated Olive's first birthday, Sarah's 32nd (wow, I'm getting up there) and our 6th wedding anniversary.  We have an amazing amount of things to be thankful for and can't wait to see what the rest of the summer holds!
A recent orphanage benefiting from the shade built by our Texas group and our Haitian staff.

The first team of the summer was a group of 22 youth and leaders from Texas, Ohio, and Florida.  They were the first to really fill up our guesthouse rooms.  They were a blast and brought some noise and fun back into our world.  They were able to host multiple orphanages during their time at the beach as well as build 3 choukouns (pavilions) for permanent shade on the property.  Mike, the fearless youth leader, has been with us in the past and we were blessed to have him here again with a mostly new group of youth and a few returners.  One of our returners also gave our beloved Bear and Bella some obedience lessons throughout the week. We had a few adventures including a broken bus, a busted knee after an attempt at walking up the hill (ahem, Mia), and quite a bit of sickness throughout the week.

Six guys on the ground, one putting in the screw...that sounds about right...

Mike showin' us how it's done!

Two of our silly Texas youth loving time with the littles. :-)

In-progress construction shots.

Oh please don't fall, Matt...not again...:-)

The second team of the summer happened to be friends from our sending church in North Carolina, Grace Blue Ridge.  We were extremely thankful to have them here with us and to be a part of the first mission trip from our fairly new church plant.  Having only four team members gave us time to connect about what was happening in our home congregations and to talk life with friends we haven't seen in some time.  Before the week was over, our crew was able to see the completion of our last choukoun, host several groups at the beach, and love on some kids in our community.  We look forward to our trip home in the fall to reconnect with this crew and hear about what the Lord did in their hearts during this week.

Grace Blue Ridge team teaching the boys to play "Would you rather"

Church at the beach

Broken down bus, 10 minutes after we rented it!

On the way to the Retreat Center for these kid's first time to the beach!

Craft time with Adria

Post craft time show and tell

Our last group of the summer was fun group of familiar faces from Foothillls Community Church in Seneca, SC.  We are always thrilled to host their teams, they work hard and have been with us since the very beginning.   They helped us host several orphanges from Port as well as a host of construction projects around our property. Thankfully our friend Holly did not fall into the well again this trip, Praise the Lord!

Scout Stephens teaching some dance moves

The men demolishing our old pump house to begin a larger more secure depot

And lastly, we morn the loss of Gonzie. He is the son of Shadrack and Ruth, unfortunately he passsed away 6 days after birth from vertical transmission of the Chickenyunga virus. We ask that you pray for Ruth and her husband as they mourn the loss of their first born son.