Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Our first few weeks in Bombard

The past few months have been a whirlwind for us.  Matt has made several trips from Montrouis to Bombard ( 7+ hours each way!) to complete their transition.  On the  first trip in early February, Sarah drove a pickup with all 3 kids and a full load by herself. She handled the roads well and tackled them with confidence!  Matt followed her with a van load of supplies and Bono, their 150lb Mastiff! 

Matt, Olive and Bono on the way north

Sarah's drove 12 hours with all three kids and a full load of supplies

Matt’s wasted no time helping Steve with improvements to the property. The first project they completed was the installation of the shop door. What a blessing it is to be able to use the shop to keep our vehicles maintained. Deli and Astrel were a big help. It was a great surprise to Steve when he pulled in the drive to see the shiny new door up in place of old rotted plywood.  The guys also painted the roof of the Leaches house in preparation for new solar panels.
Shop before

Shop after

Painting the roof of the Leaches house 

Ready for solar panels

 Sarah has been busy with Faith learning at the Hospital. She has worked with Faith on Sonography cases. Sarah has also gotten to help with a couple of deliveries.  During the  second delivery, she was able to help the mother with techniques to finish strong and birth a beautiful little girl. Sarah has always dreamt of becoming a licensed Nurse Midwife, now she is getting plenty of practice!
The first baby girl Sarah helped deliver

Matt's first patients to be driven home in the ambulance