Saturday, June 30, 2018

June 2018

Dear Friends and loyal supporters,
We wish you an early 4th of July Holiday greeting. We are eager to write and share with you the good news of our efforts in Bombardopolis. This past week we were able to host a surgical team from the World Cataract Foundation. The team had 2 surgeons, (Dr. Van Dyck and Dr. Sterling) who were able to operate on a total of 54 patients, and screen 632 for eye problems. Most of the patients were older folks who were nearly blind. 
Dr. Stering and Dr. Van Dyck screen patients for surgery

Mr. Saint Arnel, the very fist patient!

This is Mr. Pierre, he traveled 3 hours by moto to have his surgery.  He was thrilled when his bandages were removed and he was able to see his 6 year old grandson for the very first time. 

Mr. Pierre

This is Marioland, she is one of the widows who lives under our care in the widows home. Previously blind in both eyes, now she can see well!  Until now, she was unable to dress herself or make her own way to the restroom.  Now she proudly does both on her own, only a few days post-surgery! 
Removing the bandages for Marioland's eyes

Mr. Joseph was working alongside a missionary 4 hours from us, the missionary saw a live video of the surgeries happening at the hospital and sent him to us. Eager for a chance to restore his vision, Mr Joseph arrived the following day and was operated on. His vision was restored, and his life forever changed, all because of a video streamed live on Facebook!

Mr. Jospeh

We tentatively hope to host the team again in January, with a goal to operate on more patients. We are encouraged by their good work and the life changing procedures World Cataract Foundation has provided to the people of the Northwest. 

The last patients to receive surgery.

Pray with us for water, we are very, very excited to host Global Outreach’s well drilling team in Bombard the first 2 weeks of July.  We are desperate to increase the quantity of water we can pump at the mission. We have raised the funds to begin drilling, now we fervently seek your prayer that God will provide clean and abundant water in the new wells.  Currently, our 2 small wells produce approximately 1000 gallons per day, far short of the needs of the mission and the community of 100+ families who rely on our water sources daily for clean safe drinking water.

The pipe has been delivered, let the drilling begin!

God Bless
The Rideouts