About Us

We are...

  • Sarah and Matt Rideout.
  •  products of Murfreesboro, TN (don’t completely judge us on that one..;-))

  • former residents of Asheville, NC.

  •  parents.
  •   dearly loved and supported children of both our earthly parents and the Lord of all creation (thank goodness ;-)).
  • constantly desiring to be teachable.

  • humbled and privileged to work with the Haitian people.

  • determined to live an authentic and transparent life in front of God, our community, and the world at large.

  • Jan 2012-Dec 2016-working with Chadasha Foundation as directors of the Orphan Retreat Center in Montrouis, Haiti.  Our goal and passion was to impact the lives of children living in small, under-supported orphanages in Haiti.  

  • Jan 2016- partnering with International Missionary Fellowship  as the directors of Hospital Evangelique Bombard. The hospital is recognized AIDS treatment center. Along with the hospital, we lead an amazing group of Haitians to run a widows home, fruit bearing tree nursery, and cistern building program. Our prayer is that we would provide our with new life by offering physical and spiritual healing  through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This project is a huge leap of faith for us, and we are very excited to see how God chooses to put us to work to see HIS vision come to fruition.

Willow prior to our move to Haiti
Matthew and I have been married since April  2008 and have three wonderful children. Our biological children, Willow, Olive, and Birch are a tremendous blessing.    Their big sister, Ashley still lives in Haiti, as one thing after another has kept us apart from her in a journey we could have never anticipated from the beginning.  We are leaving the future of her place in our home in HIS capable hands. The story that he can and will write is more perfect than any we might ever  be able to conjure.

Ashley in June of 2010

We pray for Ashley every day. Our hearts are committed to loving her no matter what. She knows us – she loves us in the only way she knows how – and we are thankful for the here & now.  She is greatly loved at Children of Hope Orphanage and Hospice, and we worry very little about her well-being.  Knowing the Lord loves her more than we ever could helps keep me going every morning when I think of spending one more day away from her.   Pray with us as we minister to loads of hearts just like Ashley's.

February 2016