What We Do

In January of 2012 we moved to Port Au Prince, Haiti to begin immersing ourselves in Haitian culture and learning to navigate life in this country. We were blessed to work alongside Greg and Michelle Roberts and their guesthouse ministry in Port. We learned to navigate the city hosting teams from all over the US. We built relationships with many new Haitian friends that are the roots of our ministry today.
Josue, our first Kreyol teacher and friend.

Pastor Jude and Yannick our Haitian parents who have guided us every step of the way.
In December of 2012 we moved to Montrouis. This is the village where the Chadasha Foundation purchased beachfront to begin the
Retreat Center.
Our first week in Montrouis and our first Christmas spent in Haiti.

Our vision was to create a loving, comfortable place where orphans can leave the constricting wall of their orphanage, be fed physically and spiritually, have fun, and most of all learn about their God who sent his Son as the Savior for their sins.

The Chadasha Foundation purchased 5 beautiful acres of beach front property about 30 miles north of Port Au Prince to minister to orphans. For more about the Retreat Center click here.

In January of 2017, we followed a new calling to rural northwest Haiti. We began partnering with International Missionary Fellowship to manage their hospital in Bombardopolis HaitiOver the course of four decades, God has expanded the hospital’s capabilities and reach. The hospital/clinic today delivers healthcare to a population of at least 50,000. The remote location of the hospital heightens its local impact as there is no facility offering equivalent services within several hours' hard travel, and, arguably, none within a day's journey that offers these services at such minimal cost.

We are partnering with Steve and Faith Leach, as well as Betsy Rennels to continue the work. The Leaches have served in Bombard for 22 years, and Betsy for 5 years. We are excited to learn from them and continue this much needed work. 

Our family with Betsy, Steve, and Faith in Feb 2017